Monday, January 11, 2016

The Future of The Little Reading Nook

If you follow me on Twitter (@moniquereads) you know that I have started a new venture. I try not to tweet about it much because I don't want to come off as spammy but in a nutshell, I'm in the process of creating a book box called Our Story Box. Our Story Box has branched out into a review site called Our Story Reviews.

I have thought a lot about the future and what I should do with The Little Reading Nook. The first option was to delete the site and all it's content. But the thought of deleting 8 years of work and love broke my heart. The next option was to continue with The Little Reading Nook but in a limited capacity, only posting reviews and news that do not fit on Our Story Reviews. But I honestly don't have the time to keep up three sites. The last option and the one that I am going to take is to leave The Little Reading Nook as is. There will be no more updates but the reviews and content will stay for the few people that happen to wander by.

If you follow me here and would like to keep up with up I am doing please check out Our Story Reviews.  It will have some similarities between The Little Reading Nook but the focus will narrow down to writer of colors (specifically Black writers).  I still will be posting all books reviews on Goodreads so you can friend me there if you like.

I want to thank you for your support through out the years and even for putting up with my infrequent book reviews.


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