Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Second First Time: Booking Through Thursday

What book would you love to be able to read again for the first time?

(Interestingly, I thought that I had thought this one up myself, but when I started scrolling through the Suggestions, found that Rebecca had suggested almost exactly this question a couple months ago. So, we both get credit!)

When I first read this question the book that popped into my heads was Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eyes". This book happens to be my all time favorite. I have read it a least three times and I normally am not a re-reader. I have a fear of read reading books because I think that I will not enjoy them as much as I did the first time (I feel the same way about movies). But I always enjoy "The Bluest Eyes" when I re-read it and still have the same intense emotional reaction.

But when I really thought about the question I decided that I would love to be able to read "The Outsiders" for the first time again. Why? because when I read it as a teenager, I had a huge crush on just about every actor in the movie. So, all the characters in the book in my mind looked like the characters in the movies. Not that that was a bad thing. But I think it made my enjoyment of the book so much better. I don't think that I will be able to get that feeling back because one because I am older now, and don't have the same crushes and two I haven't seen the movies in years. All I remember was the Patrick Sawyze looked hot in it. And the hair dying scene.

I do plan to re-read "The Outsiders" in the future and hopefully I will enjoy it the second time as much as I did the first.


  1. I have not read Toni Morrison. Loved The Outsiders too (book and movie).

    My BTT.

  2. Toni Morrison is definitely not my favorite.

    Here is A Second First Time

  3. I read The Bluest Eye not too long ago and wasn't really a fan but The Outsiders?! I haven't read that book in YEARS! Love it...must put it on the TBR pile (grabbing my 8 foot ladder to reach the top).

  4. The Outsiders - great pick!