Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Shorts #6

Sunday Shorts is a new feature that I am adding to The Little Reading Nook.  I have seen on several other blogs where reviewers feature short stories.

Sunday Shorts is my version. Where I review short stories that I have read.

For the next couple of Sunday's I will be featuring shorts from Blackberry: A Magazine (Issue 1: Skin Deep).

Rebekah is Pregnant by Debra Stone:  

Move baby, move. Move like before like the alien movie
The first two sentences in Rebekah is Pregnant, shows the reader that Rebekah is having a bit of trouble with her pregnancy.  It's hard to review this story without giving too much away, but as the reader waits with Rebekah in the hospital waiting room, they feel her since of urgency.  While the story is very short through out the whole thing, I had a since of dread.  At each new paragraph I wanted to feel Rebekah's to baby kick and show that everything is alright.

For its' short length Rebekah is Pregnant packs a powerful punch.

*I tried to find a like to the authors blog, website, or twitter account and came up empty.  

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