Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Shorts #7

Sunday Shorts is a new feature that I am adding to The Little Reading Nook.  I have seen on several other blogs where reviewers feature short stories.

Sunday Shorts is my version. Where I review short stories that I have read.

For the next couple of Sunday's I will be featuring shorts from Blackberry: A Magazine (Issue 1: Skin Deep).

Kyle and the Snake by Ekua Adisa:  

Opening Sentence: I met them at the grand opening of a kava bar called Vanuatu, named for a group of islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean

When I started reading Kyle and the Snake I did not realize that it was creative non-fiction.  I have never read creative non-fiction before and probably should have read the table of contents before starting this story to see what genre it was classified under.

I can't say that I enjoyed Kyle and the Snake because not only was I unfamiliar with the genre I was also unfamiliar with the subject matter.  In the simplest terms, Kyle and the Snake is about the authors experience preforming a spiritual healing on Kyle.  The story contain a lot of jargon that people who are experienced with spiritual healing (crystals, chakra, and stuff) might be familiar with, but as a newbie I was confused.  And my confusion affected my enjoyment on the story.  It was all just a little bit strange to me.

I really wished I could have been able to enjoy this author's retelling of her experience a little bit more but it wasn't the story for me.  

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