Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Finds (December 5, 2008)

It is Friday which is normally a good thing but not for me this week. I have finals all next week so at some point today, I am going to head off to school and lock myself up in the library for a few hours.

But enough about me and my troubles. This week I have only two finds to bring you. I found more than two books, but as I said before I am on TBR pile maintenance mode. If I don't check it it will get even more out of control than it is.

The first book comes from Shelfari. One of my favorite reviewers over on that site (Zawadi) has recommended the book"Unwind" by Neal Shusterman. It sounds really intriguing. I don't know when I will get the time to read it. But I am going to put it on the list.

The second book is courtesy of Becky's Book Reviews, "
The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez" by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. This one also a young adult title. I don't have that main of them on my TBR list so it is nice to find reviews that are well written and catch my interest.


  1. Good luck with finals! My son is gearing up for them as well.

  2. They both sound so mysterious, and even their covers look mysterious too!