Monday, September 17, 2012

20% Rule: I'm Only Human After All by Alex Rogers

Genre: Non-Fiction (Inspirational)
Series/Standalone: Series
Version: eBook (epub)
Publication Date: August 2011
Publisher: Alex I. Rogers (self-published)
Source:  Authors Requesting Reviews

Synopsis (GoodReads):
What do you do if you find yourself suddenly, and without provocation, the target of high school aggression, relentless insults, and painful isolation? Such is the dilemma of teenager Alex Rogers, the main character in I’m Only Human After All, the thought-provoking, absorbing novel inspired by the real-life trials of the author by the same name. In this penetrating story, Rogers draws from his personal experiences to offer invaluable insight to students, teachers, and parents everywhere on today’s increasingly common, and highly damaging, instances of bullying and cyber-bullying. The novel’s poignant, reflective first-person narrative details all that bullied young adults confront, casting crucial new light on this timely topic to enable individuals to cope with this pervasive problem. I’m Only Human After All also represents the debut work of fiction in the ongoing "Empowerment" series based on the author’s life that surrounds topics relevant today
Why I Quit:

I'm Only Human After All is one of those books that all I can really say about it is that it was not for me.  When I requested I'm Only Human After All, I was expecting to like it.  And for the most part I did.  I just found it really hard to get into and it took me 3 days just to complete 32% of the book.

The main problem that I had with novella is that as Rogers was telling his story, he would throw in little words of wisdom or what he was thinking at the time.  I had a hard time buying that a middle-school or high-school kid would have such deep thoughts at emotional pivotal points in their lives.  Not that it doesn't happen but it sounded more like the author had time to reflect on the situations.

I do think there are people that will get a lot out of Rogers story. It might be the prefect book for a teenage boy having a problem with bullying and fitting in.  The GoodRead rating is favorable, 4.00.

I think I would have enjoyed finished this if it had been presented in a different "form".  Maybe more linear?

Completed: 32%

FTC Disclosure:  I received a free copy of I'm Only Human After All in exchange for an honest review.

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