Monday, September 10, 2012

BBAW: Day One Meme

It's Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2012.  This is the first time that I have participated in BBAW and I am excited.

Today's Meme:  Share with your readers some of the blogs you enjoy reading daily and why.

I subscribe to tons of book blogs.  I try to read as many as possible but there are not enough free hours in my day.  I am a literary/contemporary fiction reader (if you haven't noticed) but most of the blogs that I subscribe to are genre based.  A lot of them are YA focused and/or Paranormal focused.  Now, while I read very little YA and Paranormal, I do like reading these blogs to see what is going on in the book reading world and to keep up on the trends.

While browsing through my Google Reader for books to showcase, these 7 were the ones that jumped out at me.  All these bloggers have taste similar to mine and I have become aware of some very good books because of them.  

  • Reads for Pleasure - Focuses on contemporary and literary fiction with a emphasizes of authors of color.
  • Carabosse's Library - A good mixture of all genres with dash of non-fiction sprinkled in.  I have found tons of books from Carabosse.
  • Page Plucker -  I have been following this site for a while and like Carabosse's Library have become aware of loads of books because of reviews from there.  
  • Library of Clean Reads - Reviews a range of books from children's to adults.  As the name implies they are "clean reads"  free of explicit sex, profanity, graphic violence and paranormal themes.
  • A Morose Bookshelf - Amber reviews a wide range of genres and I really enjoy reading her reviews.
  • Bibliophile By The Sea - is another blog the reviews primary literary fiction and has contributed to my exploding TBR list.
  • Devourer of Books - I have found some great books to add to TBR list because of this blog.  She listens to a far amount of audiobooks and I like reading her thoughts on the audiobook production and the stories.
There are plenty of others that I frequent but I am going to keep this list short.


  1. My blog made your short list!--that's awesome. Thank you.

  2. Fun to see your list. Several of these blogs are entirely new to me. Will have to check them out!