Monday, December 31, 2012

End Of Year Review

This year has not gone exactly like planned.  The fact is that I haven't completed any of the challenges that I signed up for.  I am kind of disappointed.  But then I realize that I have read more this year than last year.

Top Three Favorite Reads (fiction):
     I find it interesting that while I gave The Keepers of The House the best star ratings (5 stars) but it is number 3 on the list.  When I think about it, while The Keepers of The House, had a high rating The Farming of The Bones is more memorable.  The characters, setting, and writing made it a raise to the top.  With Silver Sparrow,   I think the reason that it is higher on the list than The Keepers of The House is because Jones was not afraid to let the story come to it's natural ending without wrapping up everything in a nice happily ever after bow.

     Just a side note that both Farming of The Bones and Silver Sparrow were books that I picked for my book club Mocha Readers.

Books That Fell Victim to the 20% Rule:
     Out of these three books the one that I, if I had to, most likely try to read again is The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer.  Out of the three it was the most well written and I am sure that after the slow start and character introduction the pace would have picked up.  If I'm Only Human After All was edited more and reworked some it would come in as a close second.  

Completed Challenges in 2012:
  • None
     That is right I did not complete a single challenge this year.  Mostly because I slacked off towards the end only completing about 5 books between September and December.  Which sucks and I could have made it work but I was being lazy.  In fact, if I had kept up with my reading schedule like I had planned I would have completed most of the challenges.  

Challenges Run Down:
  • 1% Well Read - 0 out of 10 Books (0%) *Perpetual Challenges*
  • Unread Book Challenge -5 books *there was no goal so this is not so bad*
  • Self-Published Reading Challenge - 4 out of 10 Books (40%) *almost halfway*
  • Why Buy The Cow? Reading Challenge - 1 out of 12 Books (8%) *this should have been an easy one*
  • Battle of The Prizes - 1 out of 3 Books (33%) *runs until January 2013 still time to win*
  • The Pulitzer Project  - 2 out of 5 Books (40%) *Perpetual Challenges*
  • 2012 Reading Challenge - Completed 26 out of 50 Books (51%) 


  1. When I did my top 10 books, I did not look at my list, but from memory of 250 books I consumed and built my list around those memories, so some of them are not five star, but i so get what you mean about more memorable.

    1. I actually had to go back and look at the books that I read to jog my memory. I like your method, I might try it for 2013 wrap up.

  2. I am looking forward to reading Silver Sparrow. It is on my shelf now staring at me.