Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Shorts #5

Sunday Shorts is a new feature that I am adding to The Little Reading Nook.  I have seen on several other blogs where reviewers feature short stories.

This is the last short for Ran Walker's 16 Bars: A Short Story Mixtape,  and I can say that my little experiment in reading a short story on Sunday was fun and I plan to keep it up.  Next week, I will start shorts from Trouble Down South and Other Stories by Katrina Parker Williams.

Description (GoodReads):

Ran Walker's first "short story mixtape" pulls together a varied collection of stories about black men and how they are shaped by the relationships they enter. With topics ranging from break-ups to awkward first dates, 16 Bars is a bold, unflinching, and even humorous take on what goes on in the minds of black men when romance enters the picture.

On the Eve of Tomorrow:  

An erotic short, Grant finds comfort form a unlikely friend during his last night in Atlanta.
One the Eve of Tomorrow was probably one of the weakest of the short stories in 16 Bars: A Short Story Mixtape to me.  The rhythm was off and by the time that it smoothed out the story was over.  There was more emotions in the other stories and On the Eve of Tomorrow felt void of them.

On the Eve of Tomorrow is labeled an erotic short and I didn't feel that it was all that "erotic".  It had erotic elements but they were brief.

Overall, my least favorite of all the stories in this collection.

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