Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Salon: Challenge Updates for February

This Sunday will be an update to the Challenges that I have entered for the year. I am going about the pace that I need to in order to complete the challenges that I have signed up for. Which is good.

Completed (from 2008):
50 Book Challenge (March 2008 - March 2009)

Still in Progress (2009):
Round The World Passage: Completed 1 out of 18 Books (5%)
Through The Decades: Completed 3 out of 9 Books (30%)
The Pulitzer Project: Completed 2 out of 5* Books (40%)
1% Well Read: Completed 3 out of 12 Books (25%)
Serial Reader Challenge: Completed 2 out of 15 Books (13%)
TBR Challenge: Completed 5 out of 12 Books (41%)
Library Challenge: Completed 4 out of 25 Books (16%)

The Pulitzer Project is a perpetual challenge to read all 81 of the Pulitzer Prize wining fiction books. I have set a goal to read only 5 this year.


  1. I joined only three challenges this year and yet to read for those!

    Early Salon moments

  2. I see you make good progress, Monique! Happy reading! :)