Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Finds: 01/20/2012

Friday Finds hosted by Should Be Reading ask:

What great books did you hear about/discover this past week? Share with us your FRIDAY FINDS!

The web is a dangerous place for a reader.  I have been trying to control how many books I add to my virtual tbr list but this week it was just to hard to weed some on new finds out.  I got it down to 10.  Normally, I like to add 5 or less.


  1. Sybil Exposed, and Sybil...Love it!! I LOVE the true story behind them. Hadn't seen these books before. Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for stopping by my blog to my Friday Finds
    Paige :)

  2. 30 years ago, I read Sybil and it scared the he^* out of me. I'd love to read Sybil Exposed and find out the truth behind that book. Love, love the cover of Sweetsmoke - those hands are incredible!

  3. Glad you're joining me for the read-a-thon this week. Be sure to link this post at the starting line when you start reading. I'm working on the post right now and it should be up around midnight or so please (Monday, 1/23 at 12:00am CST U.S. time) Have fun reading!

  4. I also want to read that Sybil Exposed book. The movie scared me to death when I was a kid and has lingered in my brain ever since. Thanks for drawing this to my attention!