Thursday, June 28, 2012

BTT: First Teacher

This week Booking Through Thursday ask:
Margaret asks:
                                    Who taught you to read?
The simple answer:
      Mrs. Hershey in the second grade.

The longer answer:
     The beginning of my childhood was really unsettled and I didn't attended school that often.  Then my grandmother got custody of me and moved to a small town where she worked.  Since I was behind the school she enrolled me in at first made me leave my second grade class and go to the first grade class during reading time.  I hated it, it was really embarrassing to walk into a first grade class and have all the students look at you.  Only to walk out again and go back to my regular class a short time later.

    Then something change how the school handled kids that were behind in their reading ability (or maybe it was always there and I didn't know about it).  I still had to leave my regular class during mid-day but instead of going to the first grade class I went to see Mrs. Hershey.  Mrs. Hershey helped the students that were behind, she basically taught us how to read and spell.

     I will always remember Mrs. Hershey because even though she was just doing her job, she seemed to really care about what she was doing and her students (I was lucky and had a lot of teacher that cared).  Not only did she care but she seemed to enjoy what she was doing.  And she was a really sweet lady.  When I finished with her class, she gave me an ornament.  I don't have the ornament anymore but I remember it was as beautiful as she was.


  1. Sometimes there is a teacher or a person in your life that makes a real difference by caring and being interested! Everyone needs someone like that and I am really happy for you you found it :)
    Thanks for sharing and I'm following!
    By BTT
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  2. Teachers do make a big difference.

  3. Awesome when teachers are that involved :)

  4. I'm somewhat of a self-taught reader, always surrounded by books.

  5. Good teachers really make all the difference.
    My BTT