Saturday, April 21, 2012

Read-a-Thon: Hours 3-4

     It's already hour 4 and so far I am still alive and mentally alert.   
     I haven't yet started consuming my snacks.  Lunch time is about an hour and a half away.  Maybe an apple and some water will hold me over till then.  One thing is for sure, I need to go to the store before it starts raining again.  Maybe after lunch.


  • Currently Reading: Glow by Jessica Maria Tuccelli
  • Finished:  None 
  • Pages Read Since Last Break: 50
  • Total Page Count: 89
  • Time Spent Reading: 180 minutes


  1. Have a great time! I hope to get a lot of reading done today... and tonight :)

  2. Hope you're enjoying your day and that Glow is keeping you entertained. I'll try and pop by again later to see how you're getting on. :-)

  3. I haven't done much reading yet....mostly just talking about reading and running errands. I'm ready now to settle down and start reading.

  4. We've read about the same number of pages, so I haven't finished anything either. It's fun watching other people's numbers fly though. Enjoy!