Saturday, November 22, 2008

E-books and iPod

What I really what for Christmas (or my birthday) is an e-book reader. Not just any e-book reader by the Amazon's Kindled. They are expansive but it is something that I have convinced myself that I really need. I can picture sitting on the bus, with a library of books at my finger tips. No more heavy hard backs from the library. And another plus is that a lot of the older books are offered for free on the internet.

Since I can't afford a Kindle, yet. I have to find another way to get books. That is where my favorite gadget of all times comes in, the iPod. I found a site online that has instructions on how to make pdf files readable on the iPod.

I have only tried this once and noticed so flaws (that maybe easy fixed). First, there is no pictures. So, if you are looking at a text with pictures you will not be able to see them. Secondly, there is no clear separation of paragraph. It sort of messes up normal writing structure. There is also no clear indication when you are have reached a new chapter. Also, because the screen on iPods are so small the text is small too.

But, I thought I would share this information anyways.

Free Book Site
Instruction on Converting PDF for iPod usage

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