Saturday, July 21, 2012

High Summer RAT: Saturday Update

Thursday and Friday ended up being busy days for me so I got no reading done at all.  But, now I am back and ready to tackle some books

Currently Reading: Jessamine by Eugenia O'Neal (author asked for review)
Pages Read (since last update): 201 pages
Total Pages Read: 270 Pages
Total Time Read:  6 hour 10 minutes

Thoughts:  I am averaging about 45 pages an hour which is kind of high for me.  Normally, I read about 35 pages an hour.  I did enjoy reading Olive Kitteridge, and I can't wait to review it.  I have so funny quotes to share.

How are you doing?


  1. You're doing great! How's Jessamine so far? I've finished two arcs, in the middle of The Illiad, and started reading Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Olive Kitteridge.

    1. So far, Jessamine is like watching a scary movie. You know that happy family is going to encounter something bad soon but you don't know when.

      Thanks for stopping by.