Sunday, July 8, 2012


Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

I have signed up for another Read-a-Thon, this one last a whole week which should give me plenty of time to read and blog hop.

I am going to take it easy this time and read lighter books.  No literary fiction for me this week.  In fact I decided it's the prefect time to finish one of the series that I have started.
Book List:
  • The Vampire Huntress Series by L.A. Banks
    • The Wicked (Book #8)
    • The Cursed (Book #9)
    • The Darkness (Book #10)
    • The Shadows (Book #11)
    • The Thirteenth (Book #12)
  • The Upper Room by Mary Monroe (book club read)
Reading Plans:

  • In the past I have learned that reading "ligther" books makes for a much more successful Read-a-Thon.  So, as I stated before no literary fiction this time around.
  • plan to read at least 35 percent of the book each night, which means I should finish a book in 3 days.  Normally I strive for 20 percent of a book each night, which gives me 5 days to finish./li>
  • Saturday I probably will not get much reading done, since I have a book club meeting and other things to do that day.
  • Sunday - is all about reading.  I will try to plow through as many books as possible.
Are you doing this Read-a-Thon?

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